Trip to England 2010

As every year, a group of pupils between 11 and 14 years of age went on a language trip to Great Britain. This year, we visited the Isle of Wight, off the southern coast of England, from September 19th to 26th. We stayed in host families. We got acquainted with active members of the so-called Learning Zone, a large group of home-educating families on the Isle of Wight. All the host parents and children welcomed our students ever so much and made them feel at home. Thank you very much for that. We are looking forward to coming back to the Isle of Wight next year.

Reports from the German visitors can be found on this site. We are sure you will enjoy reading them.

Michelle's report

Hello,  I'm Michelle and this is my report from the trip to England. 

At 7 pm we went from Jena to England. The trip took 22 hours. In the early morning we took the ferry from Calais to Dover. After Dover we took the ferry from Portsmouth to Fishbourne. On Monday we were in Ryde, our host family waited for us. We talked with our host family and went with our host family to their house. On Tuesday we walked to the Needles. The beach was beautiful and the water was clear. After the walk we went to our host family and played with Petra, she was in our host family. On Wednesday we were in the aquarium and the Model Railway Museum. At home we watched the movie "Hairspray". The movie was cool. On Thursday we were ice skating. After the ice skating we had a town rally. That was strenuous. On Friday we were in the Dinosaur Isle, a museum about dinosaurs, that was cool and a little bit scary. On Saturday we went to the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, on top of the tower was a glass platform, we walked on the glass platform, that was funny. We could see the ocean. After that, we had a long trip to Germany. Very big thanks to my host family!

(Michelle Metzler, grade 7)

Sarah's report

Hello, my name is Sarah and this is my report from England.

At 7 pm we started by bus from Jena. A 6.14 am we took the ferry from Calais to Dover. A 3.30 pm we took the ferry from Portsmouth to Fishbourn. We drove 22 hours! At 5 pm we were on the Isle of Wight in Ryde where we saw our host family. I was in a family with Michelle. The mum's name was Imogen, the big sister's name is Lily. The little sister is Petra. It was very nice in the family! Their house is in Ventnor, this a very beautiful town. We were on the beach.

On Tuesday we were at the Needles cliffs. They were so beautiful! On Wednesday we went with our host family to the aquarium and we were in the Model Railway Museum. Then we made a barbecue with our family, it was very nice. In the evening we watched a movie, "Hairspray". Then we ate apple cake. On Thursday we were ice skating, then we made a town rally and we were shopping. On Friday we made a trip on the beach, the were in the Dinosaur Isle museum. Then Imogen took us home. Michelle and I packed our bags. On Saturday we were in Portsmouth on the Spinnaker Tower and we were shopping in the Gunwharf Quays. Then we drove home.

I say thank you to my host family for the nice week in England - thank you very much!

(Sarah Adrian)

Marie's report

On  Saturday at 7 o'clock we went with the bus to Calais and then we took the ferry from Calais to Dover, and then we went from Dover to Portsmouth by bus, and then we took the ferry from Portsmouth to Fishbourne, and then we went to Ryde. We were in Ryde on Monday at 5 pm. On Tuesday we went to the Needles. We went into the Sand Shop. In the afternoon we hiked to Freshwater Bay. On Wednesday we went to an aquarium, in the afternoon we made a barbecue. On Thursday in the morning we went to Ryde in the ice rink. In the afternoon we made a town rally. On Friday we hiked from Shanklin to Sandown in the Dinosaur Isle. On Saturday we went from Fishbourne to Portsmouth. In Portsmouth we went to the Spinnaker Tower and then we went home.

(Marie Olschewski, grade 7)

Hannah's Report

Hello, I'm Hannah and I'm one of the 17 kids who went to England. Now I want to tell you about it.

Monday: After a long trip (20 hours) we arrived on the Isle of Wight. There we met our host families. I was in the Gibson family with a friend. They were very nice. We had presents for them and they were very happy about the presents. My present was a magic cup. The names in the family are: Susan (mother), Martin (father), Rebecca, Ruth and Jonathan (the children).

Tuesday: We went to town in the morning. There is a famous beach which has coloured sand and we could fill plastic teddies, guitars and other spheres with it. Then we walked along the coast. From there we had a great view. After 2 hours walking we made a break on the beach and then we went home.

Wednesday: That was my favourite day. In the morning we went with the host families to a museum about fishes and crabs. That was very interesting. After that we went to the Model Railway Museum. That was cool. Then everybody was hungry. So we had a great barbecue. I ate lots of hot dogs and cake. We played games with the English children and we walked along the beach for a while. Then we went into the forest. But it started to rain and so we went home.

Thursday: On this day we went with another host family to town. There we went ice skating. That wasn't a good idea for me! I'm very bad at ice skating, but the others were great. For lunch we had original Fish'n Chips. After that we got tasks for a town quiz. And in the breaks we could go shopping. That was cool. In the evening we played games with the host families.

Friday: In the morning we went to Shanklin by train and then we walked for 2 hours along the beach. Our teachers paid us an English lunch. Then we arrived at "Dinosaur Isle" - a museum. After that we went home.

Saturday: We woke up in the morning and we were very sad because that was our last day in the host families. So we made photos and said good bye.

I had a great time in England and want to come back.

(Hannah Dunger, grade 8)